About Amy's Corner

Amy Salaba walked into the WHS Library/Media Center in August 1999. Amy’s smile was as bright then as it was 4 years later when she graduated in 2003. Along with that bright smile were enthusiasm, motivation, ambition, caring and thoughtfulness. Amy was a Library/Media Aide for four years, and she was outstanding from that very first day. She was always interested in helping others. She produced the Annual Senior Video almost entirely on her own in 2003; something that normally takes a team of students. She then came back the following year, after she had graduated, to help the new team succeed as well, including writing a full set of instructions that are still utilized.

Besides always wanting to help others, another constant in Amy’s life was her love for reading, both in school and, according to Amy’s Mom, at home as well. It started in early childhood and continued to grow.

Amy passed away January 2, 2005- shortly before her 20th birthday. At the time of Amy’s funeral, the George & Carol Salaba family requested that memorials be made to the WHS Library, and donations were received from many of Amy’s family and friends. Mrs. Salaba wanted to share Amy’s love of reading and also continue her goal of helping others. In pursuit of these goals, Mrs. Salaba requested an ongoing library memorial, which led to the creation of this new section of the library: Amy’s Corner. This section, created in memory of Amy Irene Salaba, is devoted to brand new and popular teen titles.

Since Amy's Corner was established, Mrs. Salaba comes into the WHS library and makes a cash donation weekly, as well as bringing in new books to the collection. The Salaba family has acquired thousands of dollars for Amy's Corner through corporate sponsors, like Wal-Mart, as well as individual donations. All to help inspire the reading interests of the WHS students.


How will I know if it is an Amy's Corner book?

Just look for the butterfly sticker!