Website Introduction

Welcome to the Wilmington School District Library Website! We are launching this site as a way for us to reach out to students and parents who are interested in what is happening in the library scene. This site will give you access to a number of services that we offer including our databases, Lincoln book information, and information about activities through our blog roll.

As the website grows we plan to add student reviews of Lincoln books, author interviews, and videos made by students. The hope is that this site will grow from being a source of library information to a STUDENT run source of library information.

Through the use of this website we will be able to teach students how to use current technology, how to become published reviewers, and how to become appropriate digital citizens. Students working on this site will be able to use these skills in the future as technology continues to become a part of everyday life. This will also be an opportunity to increase their activity participation for scholarships and college resumes.

Please check back with us regularly as we will update with the latest activities and events at all of our libraries. Watch as we grow with the student body, and the literary community.


Wilmington 209U